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Ultrasound in the palm of your hand

According to Radiology Aid International, 50% of the world does not have access to ultrasound. What does that look like? Those are families who are not able to get prenatal checks before a baby is born. These are patients who…

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HIPAA and data breaches: Is your healthcare organization exposed?

Healthcare organizations have made significant technological leaps and bounds in recent years, becoming connected to health information exchanges and incorporating electronic health records. These advances help healthcare professionals and patients gain faster and more comprehensive access to critical medical information,…

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25 semifinalists named in Arizona innovation challenge

Nine software startups and nine biotech companies were among the 25 semifinalists selected by the Arizona Commerce Authority for its Spring 2019 round of the Arizona Innovation Challenge. The business plan competition for promising early stage companies in high-growth industries…

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Quick Tips to Upgrade Your Home

If your home is like many, it probably has basic plastic light switches and plugs. The easiest improvement anyone can do is to upgrade the light switch covers. The best places to do this are in the bathrooms, kitchen, master…

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